The first prototype



Behold, the very first GLDC prototype!

This drum was built to test out some new ideas, and confirm that we could build a shell using the roll & rivet technique. As you can see, the seam is an integral part of the aesthetics of the drum- beyond being super functional, it’s cool looking. This particular drum is a 6.5x14 brass shell drum, and since the Great Lakes hardware is not fully designed yet, we used INDe hardware to hold this one together. There is a particular feature in this design that I can’t share yet- patent is not filed yet. But I can tell you that it makes this drum the most sensitive drum I have ever heard. It’s killer.

The ugly bits- My riveter and my riveting technique suck. You can see some uneven areas in the seam, and some scratches around the rivets. Pneumatic/hydraulic riveter acquired, and that should be much better on the next one! I will make the seam better next one!

The next prototype is a 6.5x14 in copper, along with all of the GLDC hardware bits- stay tuned!